This year, FIMEA went all out for its Annual General Meeting, which celebrated its 10th anniversary on June 18, 2019. To mark the occasion, the General Meeting was held at the Generali balloon in Paris' Parc André Citroën. The perfect opportunity to launch "L'appel de l'air" in the presence of Benjamin Griveaux, Claire Pitollat, Olivia Grégoire and Jean-Luc Fugit.

The General Meeting of FIMEA members took place in the morning, with a review of actions such as the launch of the new website, the success of regional FIMEAs with the latest being FIMEA Grand-Est, the conduct of working groups on future issues... The joy of sharing a moment together and the projects to be accelerated. FIMEA welcomes 16 new members and is lining up 6 regional branches in 2019, in sync with local players. 

From 11am onwards, our partners and friends joined us to share their latest news, projects and anything else we could continue to co-build with FIMEA.

At the end of the morning, in the presence of committed elected representatives Claire Pitollat (President of the Air and Health study group at the French National Assembly, MP for Marseille) and Benjamin Griveaux (former Government Spokesman, MP for Paris), we launched the call for air!

This exceptional morning ended with a balloon ride in which we were joined by Jean-Luc Fugit, President of the Conseil National de l'Air (Lyon MP).

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Speech by Etienne de Vanssay, President of FIMEA

"Hello everyone,

FIMEA is 10 years old, and it's with an emotion I can hardly contain that I say thank you. Thank you and bravo!... In 10 years, we have structured the air quality industry. They thought we were environmentalists, madmen... Mind you, the crack turned out to be vital, as it allowed the air to pass through and we continued to breathe. Not only that, but we're now in the process of conquering. So for the association, it's a real success, and for each and every one of us, it's satisfying to see the essential progress being made every day.

I tell you, we wereright to hang on. The air quality we defend is supported by all stakeholders, so let's rejoice in this collective revelation. Air is nobody's property, like climate, but it remains to put it into practice, and that's where FIMEA is proving key.

With 70 members, including 50 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), FIMEA is the best in its field, whether in measurement, modelling, processing or communication, and has naturally established itself as a key player in building this new air economy. It has forged partnerships with leading networks and established a presence throughout France. Its know-how, its savoir-air in a way, is to articulate universal air expertise with local reality. Today, 6 regional antennas enable us to implement the transformation in concrete terms. We now need to move into a new phase, and our appeal is clear: give us the human and financial resources to support FIMEA's development. Whether it's the major groups who are finally taking to the air, or the elected representatives who are making it their top priority, we need you. For research, for jobs, for health, for the economy, for tomorrow, for Europe!

France has everything it takes to rise to this new challenge of the century. In the context of the ecological acceleration called for by the Prime Minister in his general policy speech for Act 2 of the French presidential term, we can assure you of our determination to establish the French industry as a leader in this Battle of the Air.

I won't take much longer than that to welcome the elected representatives who are committed to protecting the air and who are going to share their appeal with you. Thank you Mr. Minister, Mr. Member of Parliament, dear Benjamin Griveaux, for accepting FIMEA's invitation. May Paris be the City of Light and the City of Air! Thank you, Claire Pitollat, Member of Parliament, who has put air on the agenda of the French National Assembly with the study group you chair.

Thank you all.


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