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The Fédération Interprofessionnelle des Métiers de l'Environnement Atmosphérique (FIMEA), the French Interprofessional Federation of Atmospheric Environment Trades, is dedicated to protecting public health by improving air quality, structuring the French air quality industry and developing it in France and abroad. It brings together nearly 100 small and medium-sized businesses with expertise in the fields of air quality, both inside buildings and in land-use and industrial environments.

FIMEA AURA is helping to structure and develop the French air quality industry, both inside and outside the region.

An industry of excellence covering :

  • Metrology : instrumentation, sensors, analysis laboratories, compliance with standards and regulations;
  • Expertise: consulting, modelling, analysis of health and environmental impacts, recommendations, legal, standards and regulations, environmental health;
  • Pollution control: purification, active technologies, compliance with standards and regulations;
  • Communication: education, training, awareness-raising.


  • Raise awareness of air quality issues and the impact of air quality on health and the economy.
  • Federating players around this theme
  • Promoting local initiatives at national level
  • Contribute to the structuring and development of the French outdoor and indoor air quality industry in the Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes regions.


    Sharing information and national initiatives with local players



        Bertrand Pitance :

        Vice-Chairman :

        Benoit Villaret




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