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The President's greetings

The link between what we breathe and our health, energy and climate is now tangible for everyone.
2020 will be a pivotal year for the world, our lifestyles and our air, and even more so for FIMEA.
Our association has demonstrated extraordinary vitality in the midst of a health and economic crisis. Countless successes for our members covering technological innovation, fund-raising, winning markets in France and abroad (micro-sensors, studies, datascience, modeling, purifiers), partnerships with environmental leaders or leading cities...
We've also had some great collective successes: our WGs, some forty participants in our fortnightly board meetings, the Fiméales, the Stop exclusion énergétique trophies, our participation in the PIA formation d'avenir with the AirActeurs project (led by Cerema and currently being examined by the Banque des Territoires), the preparation of an event in India with Business France and the AFD for 2021, our representation on the Conseil national de l'air, our JNQA operations all over France...
All these actions provide concrete input for the economic development plan for the air industry that we have promoted on numerous occasions. Next step: a meeting with the cabinet of the Minister of Ecological Transition at the beginning of February.
This momentum will continue to grow as citizens, governments, local authorities and private organizations become increasingly determined to combat air pollution. The Aircosystem platform we have set up will provide players with expertise and integrated solutions that can be deployed on any scale.
For the coming year, I'd like to propose that we set ourselves the target of reaching 100 companies by the time of our Annual General Meeting in June, and I hope that with our 8 regional branches (so dynamic) and our 30 partner networks (so inspiring), we'll be able to continue implementing the air policy in the regions, and to participate effectively in the new model of society that's being put in place. Let's continue to support all stakeholders in reconciling ecology and economy, air and health.
Thank you for your commitment to the battle for air. Positions are changing, let's accelerate together!
Happy New Air!
Sincerely yours,
Etienne de Vanssay
Chairman, FIMEA
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